Brendan Tevlin, American martyr, murdered on U.S. soil by jihadist killer


Why aren’t people talking about this? Brendan Tevlin, a boy who went to an all boys’ private school with a very close relationship to my school in New Jersey, was killed in an act of domestic terrorism. He was only 19 years old and driving home from his friends house. While stopped at an intersection, Ali Muhammad Brown murdered him. He murdered him for absolutely no reason — except for the fact that he was an American. Brown claims that it was a “just kill” and that he did it in the name of all Muslims killed in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. This is domestic terrorism, people. A boy who did nothing wrong was killed in a fairly safe neighborhood while driving home from playing video games with his friend. Doesn’t this seem like sometime that people should be informed of? What if I told you that this man had killed other people before Brendan? Obama might say that the global war on terror is lower (dare I say over), but clearly this isn’t the case. Like the article says, if we ignore this, it will continue to happen again and again. No one wants to be afraid while walking down the street or even while sitting at a red light. Brendan did nothing wrong and domestic terrorism is happening. 

Please spread this. This needs to be shared.


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Are you saying that Dyl' is in AHS season 4 ? From France ;).
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OH MY GOD NO NO I’m sorry if people thought that’s what was happening.

I was saying that his hair is meant to be put in the show because it’s a hot mess.

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american horror story:

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